CPT-Propaganda Weekly Schedule!

You can participate by submitting your ideas and suggestions. Get involved!

We will be accepting submissions all week, but we will post them as follows:

Monday: Original posters, poster ideas or other kinds of artwork.

Tuesday: Submissions related to revolutionary music, original or not. As you can see in the blog, most members submit youtube links with or without the lyrics in the post as text, but you can also submit the music directly. Any language, however, if the song is not in english we recommend that you add translated lyrics, but it’s not mandatory.

Wednesday: Anything that doesn’t fit any other category.

Thursday: Poems, essays, stories, etc. written by yourself or by others.

Friday: Here go book recommendations, if a link to an online or downloadable version is available, you can add it. We recommend the submission to have a picture of the book cover and a small review.

Saturday: Revolutionary movies or short films! If you have a creation of your own, submit it too! Here we also recommend the post to have a poster of the film and a small review. If you find a trailer on youtube you can submit this as a video post, if you find a link to a trailer or to the full movie, add it!

Sunday: Not much explanation here, sunday is for quotes. If you want, add a picture of the referred person.

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